Sunday, December 9, 2007

christmas card

An image i did for my drawing the fashion image.  It was a fun class, the teacher defintely knew his stuff.  He offered great critiques.  It took me a while to realize what the class was about, because im so used to just drawing what i see instead of exaggerating (sp?).

Anyway, here's the final project.  It was an xmas card that had a hole in the center, revealing part of the picture, and when you open it, you see the rest.

Friday, October 5, 2007

strangely inspired

I got a sketchbook for school 3 weeks ago or so; i needed it for two classes, they wanted a sketchbook for some reason.  Anyways, I've been drawing in it like crazy.  Really weird shit just poring out of my mind. It's been a lot of fun.  Maybe it's school, or maybe it's meeting new people, or maybe it's having to do art because you have to (i.e. in school) so i can unwind by just drawing whatever comes to mind.  scans to come soon

Also, i've not forgotten my roots.  I've decided that i should just animate whatever little thing happens instead of big projects.  It'll keep me on my fingers (instead of toes...get it?  cuz i draw?) better than trying to make large or even small stories.
in the mean time, here's a little ditty i've whipped up.

Friday, September 21, 2007

new drawing

Suddenly inspired , at 12 am.  School has been kinda refreshing.  While one class is terrible, despite most of the classes being beginner classes, im still learning new things here and there.  And getting new inspirations and such.  werd

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm going ta Skool

Yay school.  Yay buearcacy!  FIT i think may be even more beauracratic than sva when it comes to getting stuff done.  Oh well, now i need to fight for the 2 years worth of drawing classes Itook at SVA.  The weird thing is that both dynamic drawing and anatomical figure drawing are in the first year.  And who knows exactly whet those classes mean, and what they entail.  perhaps i should research them at FIT's website.  

On the more creative side...i havent done much.  My life'sd been so busy i havent had too much time to draw.  I have drawn, but that was during the hours of boredom i had at work last week, and I'm unable to actually scan those drawings at the moment. ah well. thats life

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oh Shit son!

This might be a blast from the past for some of my friends who were with me in SVA two thou and five!  A storyboard i did for storyboarding, in a sudden fit of  inspiriation, that i decided to start animating!  Gasp! a Two year old story brought back from the dead!

Unfortunately, this is because I'm at an impasse with my other larger better film.  The story was not where i wanted it to go, and i really care about this thing, so im putting on the back burner yet again.  I got a big chunk of what i think are the keys, but the ending and some other descisions need to be rethought.  Alas, its saddens me a little, but i cant just say "fuck it!" to the story.  I'm trying to prove to myself that i can make a decent story that connects with ppl somehow.

anyways, here's the thing. in very rough keys, with some of the audio.  The storybaord for the class was supposed to be a PSA.
copy and paste

Friday, June 22, 2007

something new...

is gonna be posted, but it has nothing to do with my current project.  But it'll make my blogg look that much cooler

Saturday, May 5, 2007

sup doods

I know not many people read this blog, but I still like to write a log of my projects and/or thoughts for my own personal satisfaction.  Anywas, im still keying everything up with my film.  Still undecided as to whether going into flash to inbetween and color, or to inbetween what i can on paper, then scan it and do it in flash.  I know my girl's getting the newest flash in june, I may want to try it out then.

In other news, I was incredibly proud of most of my would be classmates with their thesis films this year.  Especially my friends.  James, Luis, Patricia, Adam, your films were the best.  And I was surprised by other student's films as well.  I found a few to be boring.  I couldn't believe adam's fil mwas not even nominated.  Loads better than Brad's.  Ah well, It's SVA, and I'm glad to be out of there.  I'll give school one more chance with FIT this fall.  Hopefully Illustration will suit my needs.  

And there's ASIFA tomorrow at 6.  Jeez, could I even make it after work in jersey at 5?  We'll see.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

I hate scanning

So now I started scanning all my key drawings, and man, I hate scanning.  With a passion.  but alas, at least I can do it for free, and doesnt require any incredibly specialized equipment.  I just wish the HP scanner i have had a much more intuitive driver program.  I wish you could set certain parameters for every scan to be the same.  At least the profiles help a little, but iha ve to load it for each and every picture. ugh.

The above paragraph was done more than a week ago, but I feel that a new post wouldn't  be necceassary since the posts are related, and since this was already saved as a draft, what's the point of doing 2 posts in one day?  Anyways, im posting some animatics ive been working on.  Sorry they are split up in parts, but I figured it would be easiest to do it like this for me at least, and what's a couple of more clicks for the reader anyway?

part 1

part1 on Vimeo

part 2

stuff on Vimeo

Part 1 finds the little booger guy waking up alone in a dark void.  After talking to a peer of mine, I think I can combine part 1 and 2 so that it reads better.  Sorry for the quality, the lines are kinda fudged in the videos.

part 3

Untitled on Vimeo

part 3 finds the booger realzing the powers he has...the powers to create!


dfg on Vimeo

part 4 , the booger finds even though he gves a bit of himself away, he can create friends to keep him company in this dark void

part 5

blargh on Vimeo

more fun

part 6

`12 on Vimeo

Ahh, the creatures start realizing what they dont like about themselves.   Some of it may be hard to read, if it is, please comment on why.  The bird hates its little dangly bits, the lipped one hates that it doesnt have arms or hands, and the huge arm guys just wonders what the fuck is wrong with him.  also, the squid guy just wants a car to drive around void where water hasnt been created yet.  Squid's got big dreams.

more coming soon!  Vimeo takes too long to upload.

Also, most of the stuff I posted on this , err, post, was posted on the 15th, not the 1st.  Not that it really matters.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

new post or someting

Hello, for the one imaginary person reading this blog, oh boy, you're in for a treat!  I'm about to spill some info on the much hyped and much awaited "BOOGER: The Animation."

So keying is still chugging slowly but steadying along.  I really gotta stop wasting so much time on the internet when i get home from work.  I just gotta get myself motivated to animate some more. So this is a weird production, forI have not done animatics at all.  I hate timing things down to the frame, so im gonna key everything in, then scan, and then see how it works out. Hell, I don't even have an ending to mine yet, though there are still ideas floating about.

And there are plenty of time slots I can animate in the week while im not at NY, but i just gotta get motivated to work in them.  Since this is not a thesis film, and not a paid work, I feel I can just work at my own pace with this.

As I get a growing fanbase, I will explain what this animation is about, but in the meantime, I think the one friend I have and the few others who read it already know.

Perhaps I'll spill the beans next week if i get my scanner set up.  Until then!!