Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oh Shit son!

This might be a blast from the past for some of my friends who were with me in SVA two thou and five!  A storyboard i did for storyboarding, in a sudden fit of  inspiriation, that i decided to start animating!  Gasp! a Two year old story brought back from the dead!

Unfortunately, this is because I'm at an impasse with my other larger better film.  The story was not where i wanted it to go, and i really care about this thing, so im putting on the back burner yet again.  I got a big chunk of what i think are the keys, but the ending and some other descisions need to be rethought.  Alas, its saddens me a little, but i cant just say "fuck it!" to the story.  I'm trying to prove to myself that i can make a decent story that connects with ppl somehow.

anyways, here's the thing. in very rough keys, with some of the audio.  The storybaord for the class was supposed to be a PSA.
copy and paste