Thursday, March 1, 2007

I hate scanning

So now I started scanning all my key drawings, and man, I hate scanning.  With a passion.  but alas, at least I can do it for free, and doesnt require any incredibly specialized equipment.  I just wish the HP scanner i have had a much more intuitive driver program.  I wish you could set certain parameters for every scan to be the same.  At least the profiles help a little, but iha ve to load it for each and every picture. ugh.

The above paragraph was done more than a week ago, but I feel that a new post wouldn't  be necceassary since the posts are related, and since this was already saved as a draft, what's the point of doing 2 posts in one day?  Anyways, im posting some animatics ive been working on.  Sorry they are split up in parts, but I figured it would be easiest to do it like this for me at least, and what's a couple of more clicks for the reader anyway?

part 1

part1 on Vimeo

part 2

stuff on Vimeo

Part 1 finds the little booger guy waking up alone in a dark void.  After talking to a peer of mine, I think I can combine part 1 and 2 so that it reads better.  Sorry for the quality, the lines are kinda fudged in the videos.

part 3

Untitled on Vimeo

part 3 finds the booger realzing the powers he has...the powers to create!


dfg on Vimeo

part 4 , the booger finds even though he gves a bit of himself away, he can create friends to keep him company in this dark void

part 5

blargh on Vimeo

more fun

part 6

`12 on Vimeo

Ahh, the creatures start realizing what they dont like about themselves.   Some of it may be hard to read, if it is, please comment on why.  The bird hates its little dangly bits, the lipped one hates that it doesnt have arms or hands, and the huge arm guys just wonders what the fuck is wrong with him.  also, the squid guy just wants a car to drive around void where water hasnt been created yet.  Squid's got big dreams.

more coming soon!  Vimeo takes too long to upload.

Also, most of the stuff I posted on this , err, post, was posted on the 15th, not the 1st.  Not that it really matters.


stupid henchmen said...

dan man, it must be awesome being as talented as you are. booger the animation will leave people collecting their mucasized membrane stickyness again . hahha. word to that bro

James Sugrue said...

Hey Dan. Thanks for putting me up on your links. I put you up on my links. Seeya around.