Friday, October 5, 2007

strangely inspired

I got a sketchbook for school 3 weeks ago or so; i needed it for two classes, they wanted a sketchbook for some reason.  Anyways, I've been drawing in it like crazy.  Really weird shit just poring out of my mind. It's been a lot of fun.  Maybe it's school, or maybe it's meeting new people, or maybe it's having to do art because you have to (i.e. in school) so i can unwind by just drawing whatever comes to mind.  scans to come soon

Also, i've not forgotten my roots.  I've decided that i should just animate whatever little thing happens instead of big projects.  It'll keep me on my fingers (instead of toes...get it?  cuz i draw?) better than trying to make large or even small stories.
in the mean time, here's a little ditty i've whipped up.

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James said...

Nice to hear you inspired, knucka. Keep it up.