Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finals from last semester

Here are some finals i finished from last semester. One was supposed to be a surrealist painting, inspired by Fuseli's "The Nightmare" (go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Nightmare to find out more). The woman on the bed is not the best she could be, had I reference of any sort for her It would have porbably looked a lot better. I don't think I managed my time very well for this particular piece, I should have at least used some sort of reference for her. But, this was one of my favorite paintings I've done. It took me many sketches to get to it, perhaps I will post those sketches some other time. For this one I did a rudimentary underpainting using oils and liquin; the under-painting was of the basic shapes of the characters and objects. It was finished with a thicker application of oils, but I have too keep in mind that perharps liquin should NOT be used under thicker coatings of oil, it might cause cracking in the future

The other painting was supposed to focus on the play of light and shadow. This particular piece took a long time, as I had to take my own pictures of my references. I did a grisaille for it (a finished b&w under-painting) to help with my values since it tend to lose them when I paint. The second painting pretty much took all semester from conception to completion. Again, I used oils and 3 mediums to complete, two ofwhich were created in class using bought supplies.

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