Thursday, February 28, 2008


So now in FIT i have to take a photoshop class with the biggest tool as the teacher. He gives us one lesson, and then tells us to play around with for 3 hours. Anyways here's some of the work:
(C) Dan Vasquez 2007-2008

Learning how to color in photoshop! How astute! I mean, who would have thought? Anyways, at least it helped me refresh my painting skills. As simple as they are, they get the job done for cartoony things.

The first coloring excercise, coloring a black and white drawing of a mouse. the thumbnail for some reason has strange colors

After I got bored with the project below, i started making this using the cut-out filter and then drawing in the rest. Whee! Still working on it

Oooh! Playing with colors, levels, and the curve tool! Oh, and a filter as well, for effect.

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James Sugrue said...

Those are really nice Dan! I like the pimple one the best. Isn't drawing on the computer great? BTW, I can't view a full pic of the mouse one. Why is that? Keep it up Dan!